Blended, from different matters.

"Before you walk through my work, I would like to talk about my inspiration for a little while. Why water? Why so simple thing? From my perspective, water is not only the base of all living things, but it is also the bedrock of societies, religions, and cultures. The most obvious example must be Thailand’s, my home country, Songkran Festival, where we water is the essence. Moreover, water is alive. According to a scientific experiment entitled ‘Messages from Water’, conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, Japanese author, researcher, and entrepreneur. The experiment showed the crystals of water from different sources, both clean and polluted. Water from clarified sources contained nice, snow-flake-like, hexagon crystals, whereas dying water sources gave unshaped crystals. Dr. Emoto also claimed that human consciousness had an effect on the molecular structure of water. Set up in various environments, water hearing good words, classical music, and prayers had beautifully-formed crystal. On the other hand, water condemned with swearwords and had listened to metal rock music had disfigured crystals. I believe water has its own consciousness, yet it is a part of us, as well as every organism in this world. Therefore, to me, superstitions like ‘playing classical music for the vegetable results in better harvest’ are reasonable. From the out-of-reach science which that water is alive, to the basic knowledge that water is an essential component of us, the idea of ‘living water’ is triggered. I hereby present water as a living, movable, and emotive creature, motivating me to accomplish in every day."

EGPE (e-g-pe) is a Graphic Artist known for his semi-abstract, colorful lines and handmade graphic that created from only 2 simple materials such as tape and spray on paper and walls. After graduated from master degree, he work as the art director in GM multimedia group, GM Magazine owner, and also work as part time artist in weekend. From the believe to create new possibility, he start to move from computer to do handmade graphic with his own unique style. Always tape a long with Animals and City life since 2014. And also expermental on his own way to create graphic with his own hand.

ขายเป็นเซ็ท ทั้งหมด
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30 Mar 2016
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