Mulan in Yaowarat

Mei Hua
Series by
Jang Onanong

Meihua (Plum Blossom) is a flower that symbolises resilience and perseverance in China and is often compared to women as it blossoms vibrantly even in the harshest conditions. Jang cherishes these qualities by reimagining China's rich cultures and history in the context of today.

Onanong Kaewsomboon (Jang) was born and raised at Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand. She graduated from Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University. She started her first job by working as a graphic designer in a company for 8 years before deciding to quit to dedicate her time to work on art that she loved. When Jang was still studying and working, she experienced with various art techniques. It was her turning point when she began to use black ink to draw without any planned thinking, models, or pre-sketches, resulting in a set of monochromatic artwork which has influenced her works these days. She named the set “Imperfection.” 4 years later, Jang exhibited the set of art and also named the exhibition “Imperfection.” It was held at The People Gallery, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand. After the exhibition, she continued exhibiting some of the works from Imperfection at Drip Coffee in Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand. Jang then had a chance to work with LIXIL (Thailand) Pub Co., Ltd. With LIXIL, she had her 3rd solo exhibition titled “Life is Art.” To be a way to help the society, an amount of money acquired from the exhibition was donated to The Chaipattana Foundation. Jang has a deep bond with her family, her childhood life, and events that have happened in her life. These are the main factors and her inspirations which can be seen through her artistic works, bringing forth her 4th solo exhibition titled “SUFFER:SWEET” As an artist, the most Jang expects is to create art without stopping. Thus, she dedicates her effort to art and never waits for a chance, but rather walks toward the chance by herself.

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Mei Hua
Jang Onanong
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Jang Onanong