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Bangkok, Thailand

Abstract art is a universal language that communicates the conditions of the artist’s mind immediately and directly. It is free and not limited by any regulations. The aesthetic taste we receive from abstract art is like a deep and impressive emotion that we get after listening to a masterpiece of instrumental music composition in which the melody amazingly communicates feelings to us without the use of any words. Traces and strokes of the artist’s brush have the same power while he is creating a piece of art. The created work responds to the need of the subconscious mind of the artist. Although the result of the finished work may not be an answer to any reasoning questions, it is still a reflection of the artist’s intention and truth even today. Gumsak Atipiboonsin reduces and abandons forms and stories in his paintings. Only the power of the colours remains on the canvas. His works like a record of his breathe that will endure affirming the integrity of the life of an artist for ages to come.


1996 Cobalt Blue Group’s 3rd Art Exhibition’s  National Gallery
1997 Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition of Thai Art, at Queen Siritkit National Convention Centre 55th Contemporary Art Exhibition at Silpakorn University
1998 "Marine Dance” Art Exhibition at Central Chidlom
1999 Cobalt Blue Group’s 4th Art Exhibition at National Gallery
2000 “Dazzling Colors” with Opas Chotiphanthawanon at Viengtavern Gallery
2001 Sukhothai Paintings' Art Exhibition at Thai Cultural Center, and Viengtavern Gallery "Portrait Paintings" at Silpakorn University Gallery
"META Paintings" at Viengtavern Gallery, Bangkok
2002 "Landscape Paintings" at Silpakorn University Gallery
2002 INDIGENOUS at H Gallery, BKK, Thailand 2003 NATIVE at H Gallery, BKK, Thailand   NATURAL SELECTION, BMW   Meets Arts IV, & H Gallery, BKK
2004 DOMAIN, H Gallery, BKK, Thailand
2005 FERTILE PLAIN at NAC, Gramercy Park, New York
2006 FERTILE PLAIN, at H Gallery, Bangkok Thailand
2009 (Feb-Apr) : Gallery Show at H Gallery, BKK
2009 (Jul-Aug): Thai Contemporary Art at H Gallery, BKK  
2012 Art in Dreambox, at Siam Kempinski Hotel
2013 Co-exhibition by Faculty of Fine Art, Sculpture, Graphic Art and Paintings’ Alumni, Silpakorn University
2014 Imgination in bkk.
2015 Battle solo at SAC The Art Center bkk.
2018 Art for life at Qeen Sirikit Art gallery.
2018 Thai Comtemporary 3rd The River City.
2018  Spirare Solo  Exhibition
At Lhong 1919 bkk.
2018   Chang at Artery Gallerry bkk.
2018 Affordable at Singapore.
2019 Look at ME... g23 gallery


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