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Bangkok, Thailand

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Sethapong Povatong uses collage technique to make the new surrealistic scenes with hidden sarcastic & dark humorous tone involving a lot of characters and objects from numerous cultural sources to created and differ the whole context, scenery and mood in bright, vivid and tacky colours with many details which is his unique signature style. Sethapong Povatong is also an instructor and a guest Lecturer at 9 top institutions and universities in Thailand on various art and design modules.

His retrospective illustration book was selected as one of the best 100 artist books by Dazed & confused Japan magazine, 2008. His work was also featured in Asian Creative 2014 and 'Z2A' - a collage alphabet compilation book by Allan Bealy.

His works have shown in 5 solo exhibitions and over 30 group exhibitions in Thailand and other countries such as UK, USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, Japan and Brazil.

Notable Awards

‘Gang Bang’ group exhibition (2012) Zurich, Switzerland ‘MASSEX’ group exhibition (2013) WTF Gallery, Bangkok
‘Sensus places for Contemporary Art’ exhibition (2013) Florence, Italy
‘ZINE’ group exhibition (2013) CTW, Bangkok ‘ZINE’ group exhibition (2014) Tokyo, Japan ‘SPECTRECULAR’ solo exhibition (2015) Jam, Bangkok
‘TCDC W branch’ group exhibition (2016) TCDC, Bangkok
‘From Happy College Collage 3’ group exhibition (2017) Changchui, Bangkok ‘Art Ground 3’ group exhibition (2018) Jam Factory, Bangkok


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